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by Lisa Graham on February 5, 2012

Okay, I know I said we would look at Herod today and see how he ended up in power but….I think it would make more sense to finish talking about the Maccabeus.

Remember, Antiochus couldn’t win Egypt so he decided to to wipe out the Jewish religion.  He totally trashed their temple, killed everyone following Jewish law and was just plain and nasty!

Then….a hero emerged….Mattathias Hasmoneans. He started a rebellion and later his son Judas was given the nickname Maccabeus because he came down like a hammer (Maccabeus means hammer).Hammer

So, there was lots and lots of fighting but finally the Jewish people won their freedom thanks to the Maccabeus. The Maccabeus started ruling and then one of the Maccabeus decided to kill everyone who was not Jewish.  What an idiot!

Keep in mind…this was a really, really, really brief summary of what happened in the 400 years between Malachi and Matthew.

To help summarize, I wrote a little poem.  For excellent poetry, please visit my friend Caroline Gavin at Purposeful Pathway, she is also guest blogging at MommaReads.

The Missing Years

© Lisa Graham

King Philip and Olympias had a son,
His name is Alexander, he’s the one.

They also had a daughter, who married her uncle,
Talk about a family that’s totally dysfunctional!

Killed at the wedding was King Philip,
King at 20…did Alex kill him?

Murder and mayhem were on Alex’s mind,
Military leadership and Greek for all mankind!

Dead at 32 with no child,
Deciding the next king should be wild!

After years and years of fighting, it is decided,
Four generals will take the kingdom split and divided.

Ptolemy rules and all goes well,
Then the Seleucids decide they need more land to dwell.

Antiochus IV gets his feelings hurt,
So his power over the Jews he does assert.

Kosher is out and pigs are in,
A dark time in history does begin.

The Maccabee’s step up one by one,
The Feast of Hanukkah has finally won.

Judas, Jonathan and Simon all rule,
Then John comes along and is very cruel.

He kills non Jews, who won’t convert,
Puts all in the area on full alert.

Aristobulus the first takes over then,
He dies quickly, can I get an AMEN?

Alexander Janneus marries his brother’s wife,
Between the Pharisees and Sadducees there was a lot of strife.

Salome takes over per her husband’s will,
And all through the land there is goodwill.

This comes to a halt when she dies,
Leaving two sons fighting for the prize!

Each determined to be the one,
More internal fighting has begun.

The Romans step in and say “ENOUGH”,
The next few years were a bit tough!

The Maccabee’s started out as awesome heroes,
But ended their rein as big fat zeros!

I hope that helps you remember a little about “The Missing Years”.  On Wednesday, we will look at Herod the Great, how he started his reign, his highlight reel and his death.


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  • Kim Hall

    Love your perspective on this time! Ah, yes, how absolute power can corrupt. A sad tale of people gone wrong. Thanks for the history lesson!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Kim!

  • Caroline Gavin

    Wow, Lisa, I love this!

    A poetic listing of years gone missing!

    Beautifully written – and edifying for all who read.
    Indeed you have planted a strong spiritual seed!
    Better now I understand those years between Matthew and Malachi;
    thank you for revealing HIS-story through a Biblical lens and eye.
    SO kind of you to include my Purposeful Pathway web site too;
    Lisa, keep shining, and I am immensely grateful for all you do!

    Once again you bless my heart and open my eyes to more wonders in God’s Word!
    God bless you and your heart for HIM! :)

    • Anonymous

      Caroline, your poetry always inspires me and opens my eyes. So glad I could return the favor!

      • Caroline Gavin

        Once again, I am so blessed by your comment – and by you! I am grateful that I help to encourage and enlighten, as you certainly do both for me! Thank you, Lisa, and God bless you abundantly!!! :)

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