Life is short…LIVE it!

by Lisa Graham on January 17, 2012

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and thought….this will NEVER get done!?!?!?!

Happens to me…a lot! Regardless of how long the list actually is.  :-) To Do List

I always, even though I know I shouldn’t, put off the most important thing to last.  I am working on this but, for now, this is what I do.

It is either so big, something new or just something I don’t like doing that it is pushed to the bottom of the pile.

I will just whine and complain about how I can’t do it….blah, blah, blah

Then I do it and it is over and I wonder what the big deal is.  Anyone else do this?  Please say yes!

I started thinking that I have done a LOT of things I didn’t think I could do, or really wanted to do….here is a small example of my long list.

I learned to crawl, walk, run, drive, read, tell time, I passed each grade and graduated high school, graduated from the community college, I learned math, writing in complete sentences (for the most part), how to use the computer, how to do the laundry, count change, go to the store, give the dog medicine (no easy task), pay bills, read a map, and I went from the 8 track tape to iTunes in under 42 years!

My whole life has been about change, overcoming fear, and reaching the next goal.  I just didn’t realize it!

We all get overwhelmed with Life, with the things we should do vs. want to do.

I challenge you to write two lists….the first list is 50 things you have learned/done/accomplished during your life.  It isn’t really that many!  They don’t have to be big, you don’t even have to remember actually learning them (crawling for example).

The second list is 50 more things you would like to do during your life.  Your bucket list, so to speak.  Yes, there are 50 things….movies you want to see, places you want to visit, people you want to meet, a new food to try, whatever!   They don’t have to be BIG things to the world, just BIG things to you!

With your list of accomplishments behind you, you need something in front of you!

Start marking things off your new to-do list and ENJOY!!

Life is short….LIVE it!


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  • Cindy Hirch

    Great blog Lisa and great food for thought!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Cindy!
      That is what we are aiming to do, huh? Live life to the fullest in our purpose!

  • Caroline Gavin

    Lisa, another motivating post! Thank you for encouraging us to celebrate our many accomplishments…and to embrace our future ones by moving step by step, to-do task by to-do task. Yes, our lives this side of Heaven are short, so let us LIVE fully!

    • Anonymous

      You are welcome! I agree, this life is short and we are called to live it fully in His purpose!! Thank you for motivating me!

      • Caroline Gavin

        AMEN! Thank you again, Lisa! Yes, here’s to living fully – on purpose, with purpose and in HIS Purpose!

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