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My husband and I live in Virginia and share our home with our dog and three cats. Although we adopted our dog from a shelter, I like to say he, Buster, has my husband’s brown eyes and my curly hair. I enjoy time with my family and friends and am active in church and community.

I would like to say my story was a very clear and straight path but…it was not.

The year I turned 40 I started questioning things…why do we work for so many years to have fun after we retire.  Why is time and money always an issue.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have traveled and we do things now, before retirement, but it seems most people wait.  I just got tired of thinking the “usual” way was the best way.

I got involved in the 48days.net group, hired a coach, realized that we can plan our lives like we plan trips…they can be unique and different and it is all up to us.

Since my journey, my desire has been to help others reach their dreams…to really make their life their own.

My first book is coming out in a few weeks.  I have included an audio in the book outlining my story.

Here is the audio from the book.

Please email any comments or questions to: lisa@thelisaeffect.com